Photos: Serenity Care Home


The management and staff have over 30 years of experience between them in providing care and support for young people with:

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders

  • Challenging behaviour and emotional difficulties.

  • Complex needs.

  • ADHD

  • Children who have suffered physical and sexual abuse.

  • Children with a Learning Disability/EBD.

  • Physical and sensory impairment (Care is carried out on two levels; therefore children must have ability to use stairs to access bedrooms.)


Our values are a golden thread that runs throughout the organisation, binding it together to form a whole that embodies richness, diversity and complete care.

The team at Serenity have been selected based not only on their outstanding professional achievements and their years of experience in providing care and support to young people, but also because of their personal values and the passion they display for their work.

This assures us that the team at Serenity are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure the services we provide places the 'utmost value' on the children we care for.

Placing children at the centre of all we do means that each child receives a package of care which offers the following in addition to a standard care package:

  • An in depth analysis of their needs and wants

  • A personalised care programme

  • A keyworker

  • Promotion of independence

  • Luxurious accommodation

  • Therapy with our Autism expert

  • Access to innovative expertise

  • Use of the Sensory rooms

  • Holidays in the UK and abroad

Our 24hr service provides a staff ratio and skill mix which maintains the highest quality of care at all times and additional expertise is always on standby to respond to the changing needs of the children.